October 30, 2016, Conexus Arts Centre, Regina

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oakley outlet magic and other elements to make this show in 2012 London premiere A sensation, so fans and critics are Whom crazy, the thriller and beautiful, soft and wild temperament attracted a large number of fans crazy pursuit. 'This is a Gothic romantic legend.' Matthew own evaluation of the dance. Dancers Chris Marney and Nicole Kabera from childhood do not like the behave of Matthew, in the parents of the monasteries like movies and music, 'when I was young, parents like to put the music in the house loud singing, our family' I always wanted to bring entertainment to The audience and I was most concerned about the audience. 'So in the creation of the West End and Broadway musicals, You can also see his name, he worked for' My Fair Lady '' South Pacific '' Fog are orphans '' Happy Man 'and other famous choreography or as a joint director. In addition to the' Sleeping Beauty 'Asian tour, Matthew Bourne is also busy with his new work, the November premiere of another adaptation of the ballet' Red Shoes oakley sunglasses outlet store

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oakley sunglasses outlet online Rouge gouache 'in this role is really filled with scheming, Her gas field or to play the villain when it can be better released. NO.20 Ye Xuan although a lot of people think she is a word, but Ye Xuan 's acting and Yan value is obvious to all.' Yun-yu bow Margin 'and' renewable edge 'is the representative of childhood memory, when she and Raymond couple' s screen image is really popular. NO.21 Meng Jiahui she was TVB in so many actress COCO can get the most Yan, and no matter what 'Rouge gouache' in the side to smart and elegant, a retro curly hair too attractive. 'Forensic Pioneer' in the police and the 'runaway storm' in the stewardess modeling all look very convincing, so to see Meng Jiahui is also a very suitable for professional drama actress ah. NO.22 Yang Yi her normalizing that COCO is the most obsessed with TVB a few years, so she has always been a fan of goodwill. 'School police out more' and 'Heart Of the storm 'Yang Yi Yi Qi Liu are long hair shape, although it is now a little soil, but then I feel so very young.